Katty Q

Originally from Siberia, Katty Q is, without doubt, one of the most traveled International female DJs in the circuit as of 2018, and requested by fans of different genres all over the world.

What makes her DJ sets and appearances so unique, Katty Q. has never been showcasing only 1 style, rather made her name as an open format DJ throughout the popular genres through mash-ups with exceptional technical skills, mesmerizing stage appearance and the ability to read her crowd like no other, either on the big stage of EDM festivals, the intimate club experience, or at one of her regular gigs in Super Clubs all across Asia, Europe and last but not least Russia, where she is a resident DJ for the most IUXUriOUS brands and venues, including one of Moscow’s maior venues, ICON – since 2013. Recently she has released her original tracks: “Tokyo”, “Promises”, and “My Love which ranked #3 on Beatport for 3 weeks.


  • Jan 10 
  • Jan 11 
  • Jan 21 
  • Jan 22

*DJ time’s are subject to change without notice.



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