Maira Yamanaka is half Japanese, half Indonesian, born and raised on the Island of Bali. A dancer and drummer, she has been surrounded by good music since she was little. Having a dancer mother and father who is a DJ, it seemed natural to her to choose this route now. She is a current resident for one of the Famous Beachclub in Bali named Finns Beach Club and she is the Very First Female DJ who plays in Breakinvation, a yearly and the Biggest Breakdance Exhibition event in Indonesia. She also plays breakbeat and funk for Island Break, a monthly Breakdance battle in Bali. But her DJ style is more like the intense House to Baltimore Bass to the Ghetto with Voguing Funky Breaks, Tech-House. Techno and Oldschool Hip-Hop.

For her deep love and her appreciation in music, Maira Yamanaka wants to share all of that feeling and energy to all of you through her sets, and she will definitely, serve you the best for your ears and your soul.


  • Jan 1 
  • Jan 3 
  • Jan 4 
  • Jan 5 
  • Jan 6 
  • Jan 7 
  • Jan 8 
  • Jan 15 
  • Jan 18 
  • Jan 19 
  • Jan 24 
  • Jan 29

*DJ time’s are subject to change without notice.



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