Born in 21st January, Lyta began singing with her music-oriented family during her childhood. She started her first singing when she was 6 years old at local community show. By the time Lyta was 13, she knew she was destined to make a career out of music. Lyta’s signature singing style is mostly R&B/Soul. Her music influences are Lauryn hill, Bob Marley, Sade, the Weeknd, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, dAngelo, Erykah badu.

For years she has taken on the industry, performing live PA on several famous places in Bali. Lyta is dedicated to making music that excites, inspires and electrifies listeners. Her ambition and sheer determination has showcasing her vocal at regular gigs in well-known bars, restaurants, corporate events and weddings. Now she is a resident vocalist at World’s Largest Beach Club, Finns Beach Club.


  • Aug 12
  • Aug 13
  • Aug 16
  • Aug 17
  • Aug 18

*Vocalist times are subject to change without notice.



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